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Living in Harmony

Posted Jun 29 2011 8:56pm
It's hard to tell, but these blueberries are huge!
 It's easy to eat lots of fruits and vegetables in the summer. I'm doing about 7 servings of fruits and vegetables/day now. Lots of blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, dandelion greens, wild cloves, kale, parsley, lettuce, celery, cucumber, peppers, squash, cilantro and basil.

Seaweed, which is full of trace minerals to support your adrenal glands and provide energy, can be sprinkled onto salads and used in soups to provide extra flavor. I'm using dulse flakes and nori krinkles in my salads and kombu (kelp) in homemade soups. I'm also collecting some wild green from the yard like dandelion and cloves. I'm also experimenting with using edible flowers from our roses, lavender, day lilies and violets. I'm adding these to salads.

After my hospital incident this past winter, I had a horrible gum infection which left my gums very thin. They've been growing back wonderfully (contrary to my dentist's predication). Part of the reason for the regrowth is my oral care routine. It's so important to take good care of your mouth because of the link between chronic infection and autoimmune conditions. There is a very thin barrier between the bacteria in the mouth and the bloodstream, so it's important to keep the bacterial load in the mouth low to keep infection from getting into the bloodstream. So, I chew on herbs throughout the day like thyme and sage. I use hydrogen peroxide and I floss 2x/day. I also use essential oils from The diligence is paying off! My gums are almost back to normal :) I also just purchased a new toothpaste because I find that even the toothpaste at the health food stores have unsatisfactory ingredients. I just purchased a paste with clay ( It contains no toxins like flouride, so you can swallow it. It is beneficial to swallow because of the clay, which absorbs radiation in the digestive tract and passes out through the bowels without being digested. It's a great detoxification method.

In about 1 week these are going to be juicy blackberries!
 This weekend the whole family is meeting at the farm house for fourth of July festivities. I am on a good streak as far as energy and pain levels, except that my right foot has been acting up. My stress level have been through the roof because of work. I always flare when I'm stressed.

These are the huge blueberries...but again, it's hard to tell from the picture.
I went outside for an hour today and picked berries and parsley while soaking in the sun and sweating out toxins. Then I tested my basil pesto, blueberry protein shake and chai latte recipes for my cookbook. Now I'm going to relax the rest of the evening and stretch out some tired muscles!

If you're going to a fourth of July picnic, think about bringing some healthy dishes like almond flour biscuits, guacamole and Brad's Raw Chips, kale chips, green salad with yummy toppings like tomatoes, avocado, carrots, onions, pistachios, or fruit salad dressed with honey and lemon juice!

Have a good weekend everyone :)
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