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Lin Shuhao still has a long way to go

Posted Jan 22 2013 1:29am
Lin Shuhao still has a long way to go, but also by trying to prove their strength.But the NBA Union, particularly in the doldrums, Nick, much-needed a heroic player, Lin Shuhao don't seem to like people who are worthy of praise, because he is a graduate of Harvard University's Asian Americans, their background isjordan retro 7 sale   extremely rare in the NBA Union.Of course, Cork once unplugged, no one can put champagne in the recovery bottle.Lin Shuhao experience soon became the legendary source of the story.At the same time, in this age of media and the rapid development of micro-news, his experience also suffered bad luck after inspirational stories.Before Lin Shuhao emerged on the international arena, progress has been very good for the entire event, and some incredible.

NBA regular season continues, arena combat warrior to Lectra 106-99 fast ship, ending his opponent's four in a row.Warrior (25-15), the second time in a row.Stephen-6 in all threejordan retro 12 sale points, contributed 28 points 6 assists, Cray-18-Thompson, David-Lee 12 points 11 rebounds and 6 assists.Alternate appearance of Jia Lite-Jack 18 points, 10 assists and 6 rebounds, Karl-Paul Landry (microblogging) 6.Fast boat (32-10) four consecutive victories ended.Blake-Griffin won by 26 points, 13 rebounds and 8 assists, Callon-Butler had 19 points, Chris Paul-7 shooting, only 4 minutes and 9 assists.Substitute appearances in Crawford, Jamal-Crawford, Trey-11 shooting, scored 24 points, Matt grace-a 9 min.Fast shipping to a 11-5 gambit.Currie shot hit twice in a row, Paul b. Thornton followed by three hits, score points to 13-13.Both teams started aggressively duigong, Crawford of the replacements play twice after three hits, speed boats leading 33-29, the Warriors also 4-0, the first two wars into 33-33.

King is now General Manager of Petri, final year of his contract this year.According to insiders, King does not retain him.Other Union sources revealed that Petri would opt to retire after the end of the season.Buford is one of the NBA's finest executives, under the operation of his spurs are 4 championship rings, become a model team in the League.Particularly with regard to observation of the international players, spurs is unique, often on the show the General Assembly selected some good overseas players, like Ginobili, Parker, Luis Alberto Scola.But Buford in the Spurs had a good time, and coach Popovic, team boss Holt has excellent working relationships and personal relationships.Seattle team trying to persuade him to join, they maybe Buford is needed a little bit of team equity as a lure, at the same time to give him a right to exercise complete control over basketball operations.In short, the Seattle management team must provide a super offer programmes is likely to convince the Buford leaving Spurs.
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