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Life in the Fourth Quarter

Posted Oct 01 2011 12:00am
I wanted to write here today instead of "Today With Pokie". If the truth were to be known, "Coffee With Pokie" has always been my play area and so many always go to the other blog. At one time I wrote three blogs a day. This kept me sitting still far too long for Parkinson's and I got much worse. I have cut my writing, something I love, way back. I walk everyday and, because of my joint pain, need all the exercise I can possibly do to stay out of a wheel chair. So today I will be playing and celebrating the fact that my God loves me as I do him.... Not to long ago I was traveling home and started out in a severe rain storm....After a while, the storm passed and behind it came the most beautiful sunset. The western sky was every color imaginable which was enhance by black splotches which were the clouds left over from the storm. I could hardly drive for looking at this amazing show God was putting on for me. I had Willie Nelson on my stereo with "I'd have to be crazy" and reached to turn it up when to the right I noticed a huge rainbow which ended up right over where I was headed...HOME. I just pulled over in the middle of nowhere and cried while I prayed...The whole picture was put together for me. I must have sat there an hour and still have the pictures in my camera that day. How can anyone look at something so awesome and not believe in God? I will never know. Last night I played for hours on the computer......not games but lyrics. Most don't know that I use to sing and play the guitar in my hometown while in college. That was in The Peter, Paul and Mary days and I was a true hippy. I drifted away from that when I started having kids and then all of a sudden I could not remember the lyrics. No matter how many times I tried , they just did not stick in my brain. Now almost fifty years later, I am trying to learn to play again and I look up the lyrics and hand copy them down......singing the song as I write......Good exercise for the brain and fingers. Last nights adventure was Judy Collins and 'Bows and flows of Angel hair...Ice cream castles in the air....and feathered Canyons Everywhere....I'd look at clouds that way....AND..... Willie Nelson "I come to the Garden Alone"......and he walks with me and he talks with me and he tells me I am his own...and the joy we share as we tarry other has ever known. I am indeed blessed. Lately my Facebook friends are in to quotes and signs. Both have always fascinated me. This one caught my eye yesterday..."Never ignore a person who loves you, and misses you because one day, you might wake up from your sleep and realize you lost the moon while counting stars" Neat ,huh? I use to buzz through life with three or four things going at one time, always. Now in my more "POKIE" state the colors or my vibrant. The smells are sweeter. The hugs stronger. The kisses have more passion and I love life so much more. If there were one thing I could do today for those I love, it would be slow them them is so short, especially in the fourth quarter. God continue to bless you and you continue to give always, Pokie
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