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Legs and Heels

Posted Mar 19 2009 3:50pm
I did a fairly intense leg workout at school today last period. I haven't trained my legs is a while...I am anticipating serious soreness tomorrow. Yippee!

I ran 2 miles Tuesday on the paved paths at the beach. My right leg with the sore Achilles felt completely dead...there was NO bounce, spring, anything in my step. It felt like I had a flat tire. So I'm taking a full week off from running and jumping and we'll see how it is next week. I'm keeping up the lifting, and I know I should get my ass on the bike trainer (I have zero excuses other than it's hard to work out in my house during the day because Andra doesn't nap, and after she goes to bed I just don't want to). I am trying to stretch my hamstrings and calves (gently) multiple times a day. I should go see our trainer at school (I actually saw her today but we spent a few minutes catching up and I totally forgot I wanted her advice). I know it's an old Achilles injury, but the thing that hurts is actually the sides of my heel bone (calcaneus). I had this problem in 8th grade (even though I never knew its name) and honestly this feels the same, like I have huge bruises on my heel. It hurts to put shoes on (though it's fine once they're on), I pretty much limp all the time while walking, and no way can I go up on tip toe on my right foot. So yeah, running isn't easy. And I want it to be easy, so I'm willing to wait to see if it will feel better.

My WebMD piece is in the works...I just had to email them some pictures and sign a release, and I know the editors are working on it.
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