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Learn Business Chinese online for survival in your Business

Posted May 07 2013 3:31am

China is one of America’s top trading partners. Many US companies are trying to expand in China while working with Chinese companies, since they seem to be the only ones not hard-hit by the economic recession. No wonder various state departments have designated Business Chinese as a “critical language”. Even if you only speak a little, it will still greatly enhance your international business relations. It also gives you a huge advantage when tapping into the vast and promising Chinese market.

Learning Chinese can open for new career chances. There are available employment in the field of manufacturing as well as teaching Chinese, translation, travel industry and interpreting. For instance, in western countries knowing how to speak this language can establish good working relationship with Chinese employees. Also, this can build rapport with other companies abroad. Proficient speakers of Mandarin Chinese will find jobs more easily. Of all foreign languages at American universities and colleges, Chinese shows the highest proportional increase in enrollment.

Here are some basic Business Chinese phrases

久仰(jiǔ yăng): v hear much about somebody

荣幸(róngxìng): a be honored

费心(fèixīn): v give a lot of care

初来乍到(chūláizhàdào): n have just arrived

关照(guānzhào): v/n care/attention/concern

Do you know the different about你(nĭ) and 您(nín)?

"你(nĭ)" and "您(nín)" are two personal pronouns in Chinese which are represented by the same word "you" in English. "您(nín)" is the respectful form of "你(nĭ)" and is often used to call those who are older or have a higher rank. Both of the words have plural forms: "你们(nĭmen)" and "您们(nínmen)."

Where can we learn it easy and quick? The answer must be all mandarin

All Mandarin is an online mandarin school created to reinvent the experience for learning Chinese language. The online Mandarin school serves a large and rapidly growing global market, initially targeting non-Chinese speaking learners worldwide. Through live instruction with native Chinese speaking teachers and multimedia learning materials, all provided over the Internet. All Mandarin helps students learning Chinese language in a more efficient way.

AllMandarin caters to all business students by designing lessons that focus on the needs of each individual student. Due to the vastness of Business Chinese All Mandarin focuses on the issues that you deal with on a daily basis.


Practice with a native Chinese teacher for your presentation beforehand, or simply learn the vocabulary and techniques on how to give an effective presentation.


Discuss current and different topics related to your profession/industry. Develop your vocabulary, and learn to speak fluidly.


Learn the difference between writing a formal Chinese letter and an email to a business partner. Understand the difference between formal vocabulary and informal vocabulary, and when it would be appropriate to use either.

Interview Prep

Are you applying for a new job? Let All Mandarin walk you through some of the most common interview questions and help you develop answers that will make you ace your interview.

General Business Chinese

Focus on topics, vocabulary, grammar, phrasal verbs, current events and situations all related to business.

Whether you want to improve you r Business Chinese vocabulary, grammar, listening or speaking skills, All Mandarin can help you. Ask us today how we can help you with your business Chinese learning needs and how you can get ahead in business.

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