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knock knees

Posted by knockkneedgirl

hi i am going for knock knees surgery soon for right knee first and after few months its gonnna be left knee ..i would like to know  the outcome and will i be able to walk in the future like normal people? will i be able to sit on the floor and do things what am doing now?
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thanks for the reply..i dont think i will be able to run because i cant run right now...but i am really curious about walking sitting kneeling squatting and other normal things in my life...... thanks again for the reply..really appreciate.

Yes,you should be able to function normally.However,you may have trouble walking and/or sitting down.Kneeling or squatting won't nesscarily be a breeze nor' a trouble.Walking WILL be a breeze running WILL be something everyone reacts different to,therefore i have NO clue if you will be able to run."Knock Knees" is a hypothetical surgery that shouldn't be questioned,but if you want help,that's all i have to offer.Good luck with your surgery! = )





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