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Karni regular news Cheap Beats By Dre conference at the White House reiterated

Posted Dec 28 2012 8:44am

Kazakhstan national security council 26 confirmed that the plane that crashed killing all the 27 people. A preliminary investigation showed that the weather conditions are caused by the main reason for the crash.

, the national security council announced on the Cheap Beats By Dre day of the 27 the list of the victims, including ha national security council border protection agency chief stam don't cove colonel and his wife, and the delegates, border protection officers, they had to bush in Kent's southern border annual review meeting.

At present, kazakhstan has cheap dre beats established special inter-departmental committee, responsible for disaster reason were investigated. According to the preliminary investigation results showed that the aircraft in flight process without any external disturbance, and the airport's Kent near humidity was achieved 97%, fog, and the temperature in the minus 1 degrees or so, the road may freeze, complicated weather conditions may hinder the normal landing.

Meanwhile, kazakhstan national security committee chairman, beka and husband in 26, said at a news conference, said the plane flight during an inclined and collided with the ground, not in the air has exploded. He lists the cause of the crash three versions, namely, human factors, bad weather and aircraft component failure. But he also said that the plane's pilot and the pilot has a very rich experience in flight, so the possibility of human factors is very small.

Kazakhstan the house of Commons 26 in the plenary session a minute's silence before the start of the collective, mourning killed in a plane crash near ndola in the border officer. The President nazarbayev 26 also to the families of the victims and sympathy and condolences relatives said, but declared that 27 of national mourning, starting Monday, the day will be the national flags were at half mast, television broadcast ban entertainment. Meanwhile, nazarbayev with government and security officials to hold an emergency meeting in special events, commissioned by the government to provide all the families of the victims need help, and requires investigate the cause of the accident. Kazakhstan national security committee chairman, beka and husband also said it would as soon as possible gene identification, so as to determine the identity of every one of the victims.

At present, the plane's black box has been found, relevant experts will be on 27th to decrypt it, this will help the cause of the accident investigation.

The plane Ann - 72 military transport in local time in the evening cheap beats of 25 and point and 55 minutes from the capital astana fly to south kazakhstan's capital of the state of Kent and crashed on the way, when the plane with a total of 27 people.

India a 23-year-old female college students cheap dr dre beats and a male friend in local time 16 a car in new Delhi on the bus by many men raped and beaten, and then thrown out. Two people were rescued after being taken to hospital, female students seriously. Indian officials said, this girl in stable condition, are forwarded to Singapore hospital continue to treatment.

Reported that India female students at night to go home by bus gang-raped and beating the days in new Delhi and other regions of mass protests to the government of India, people put forward strongly criticized. Indian prime minister manmohan singh called on people to remain calm, and promised to take all measures to guarantee the safety of women. At present protests gradually tend to be calm, Indian authorities has lifted the presidential palace and parliament building in the region near the blockade.

India's home minister SuXiEr · kumar · hin DE to reassuring, said the government will consider to rape continue put to death. Sunny's commitment to the Indian government determined to strengthen domestic women more than of safety, also requires the demonstrators dissolution. He said: "you have shown that you and the victim are Marshall."

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