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Posted Jun 12 2012 2:24am
Jordan Shoes for sale Transmission line {operators|providers|guys|staff|workers} typically charge {generators|turbines|machines|generation devices|motors} large penalty fees {if they|should they|as long as they|whenever they|once they} fail to {deliver|provide|produce|give|offer} electricity when {it is|it really is|its|it can be|it's} scheduled to {be|end up being|become|possibly be|always be} transmitted. The purpose {of these|worth mentioning|of the|these|of those} penalty fees {is to|would be to|is always to|is usually to|could be to} punish generators {and|in addition to|as well as|and also|plus} deter them {from|through|via|by|coming from} using transmission scheduling {as a|to be a|like a|for a|as being a} "gaming" technique {to gain|to get|to do|to find|to realize} advantage against {competitors|challengers|competition|opposition|opponents}, and the {fees|service fees|rates|expenses|charges} are therefore not {related to|based on|linked to|in connection with|regarding} whether the {system|procedure|method|program|technique} operator actually loses money {as a result of|from|due to|by means of|because of} the generator's {action|motion|actions|steps|activity}. But because {the|that|this|the particular|your} wind is {variable|varied|adjustable|changing|shifting}, Cheap Jordan shoes wind plant {owners|keepers|managers|lovers|proprietors} cannot guarantee {delivery|sending|offering|supply|shipping} of electricity for transmission {at a|in the|in a|for a|at the} scheduled time. At present, this system {consists|is composed|is made up|comprises|includes lots} mostly of {small|compact|tiny|little|smaller} distribution lines-instead, a series {of|connected with|with|associated with|regarding} new high-voltage transmission lines {is needed|is necessary|ought|should be applied|is required} to transmit {electricity|electrical energy|energy|power|electrical power} from wind {plants|facilities|crops|vegetation|plant life} to population {centers|facilities|stores|shelving units|centres}. The sun's radiation heats different {parts of|regions of|areas of|elements of|portions of} the earth {at|from|during|on|with} different rates-most notably {during the day|daily|every day|throughout the day|in daytime} and night, but also {when|as soon as|if|whenever|while} different surfaces ({for example|by way of example|such as|for instance|one example is}, jordan retro 4 military blue water and {land|terrain|property|area|stretch of land}) absorb {or|or maybe|and also|or perhaps|or even} reflect at {different|several|distinct|various|diverse} rates. This in {turn|change|convert|switch|flip} causes portions {of the|in the|from the|on the|belonging to the} atmosphere to {warm|cozy|hot|comfortable|nice} differently. Hot air {rises|goes up|increases|springs up|soars}, reducing the atmospheric pressure {at the|in the|on the|with the|for the} earth's surface, and cooler {air|atmosphere|weather|air flow|surroundings} is drawn {in to|within|inside|directly into|straight into} replace it. The result {is|is actually|will be|is definitely|can be} wind.
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