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Johnson did have every reason to have confidence

Posted Nov 27 2012 7:19am
Johnson did have every reason to have confidence.Among recent nets two consecutive victories, Johnson cut down 19 points in the first 12 shooting, then-19 shooting, hit 21 points, very well, that it is no wonder that he will feel the nets are a better team.But entering today's game, Johnson has experienced a roller-coaster feeling, just started his full handle could not be found, shot 3 timesjordan retro 4 australia   before all of the lost cast, followed by 6 shots in only 1, but fortunately, the nets had not been greatly affected, and Nick Agglutination, both who were unable to pull the score gap.Watching other people perform hard, Johnson, of course, also to be outdone, his shooting touch in the second paragraph of the section was finally found and run out, cut off 8 consecutive points, including a 2+1 and hit one Trey, helped the nets one score.

As the Thunder quickly established a 20+ lead, Willem Brock open heart, 2 minutes before the half ended, he steals from road opponents face empty front adjustment after ajordan retro 13 australia leaping so high, the Tomahawk chop button action.However, when you want to pass the ball into the basket, Davis suddenly swap the ball from his right hand to the left hand, with a lever for hand bothering dribblers and end attacks.After landing, Willem toward teammates and the audience grinned, as if saying: "you are being fooled."Yves the ball had got up ready to chop its stage Prado buckle cheering audience slightly disappointed, but Weiss did not want to see him bust buckle viewers wait too long.

This, after all, is the home of the nets, nets fans want more, so Chandler could not escape the nets fans booed.In the course of the game, nets fans on more than one occasion at Chandler shouting "overvalued" and even United States experts Zach (Zach Lowe) is no longer, considered that such a voice is a bit ridiculous, after all, Chandler played really well today, 4 shots in the 4, 8 shots in 7 ... ...But Chandler has not been much affected, but sent a more exciting play, nets fans responded.Meeting of sections for 5 minutes and 16 seconds, Chandler is inside the ball, Reggi-pressed against Evans, but Chandler didn't mean to outgoing to the ball, he took the ball straight into the first behind Evans, and then from the inner lane of the nets two of people seam through, bothering dribblers and score, but opponents foul, complete 2+1.Chandler was very excited after the scoring, he walked to the end line, came to the field, the fans gave to beat the mouth spewing profanity, "fuck, Oh, it's 2+1.
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