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In the process of using a mobile phone to usb power pack, we need to understand some matters

Posted Dec 26 2012 7:05am
Frequently used phone mobile power to help improve the life of mobile power; When not in use, the device can not plug in the mains power outlet. Note Do not let phone mobile power short circuit, in order to avoid unnecessary losses, such as equipment failures, smoke or fire. If you want long-term placement of cell phone mobile power or charge your device to complete, not to connect the device to reduce its own power consumption; and when mobile power when not in use, place it on a cool, dry place. Charger plug loose or damaged housing, absolutely can not continue to use, otherwise it will cause electric shock, short circuit or fire. Please try not to use in dusty, humid environment mobile power, and could not get it close to heating sources. Do not hair on phone mobile power supply or charger next to the container with water and other liquids, liquid enter the mobile phone inside the mobile power will cause leakage or other malfunction, causing safety hazards. Mobile power requirements of the AC voltage must be used. How to use different voltage may cause a fire or other failure. Do not use wet hands charging power plug, power cord, mobile power, otherwise it may cause electric shock. Before charging, make sure the plug is properly inserted into the power outlet. If the usb power pack plug is inserted incorrectly, it may cause a fire or explosion of electric shock, phone or battery. 10 Please do not move the power in fire, otherwise it will cause the battery to ignite or burst, causing the accident. Should we buy mobile power mobile power remaining in the mobile power pack battery is completely exhausted, and then be charged and the first 3 charge, try to charge enough for eight to ten hours, but never more than twelve hours, the instructions provided to give equipment charging time is purely theoretical time, actual use in time there will be the share gap, I invite you to correctly treat, do not affect the individual's emotions.
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