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In front of three games the two teams play very Agglutination

Posted Nov 22 2012 8:25am
In front of three games the two teams play very Agglutination, leading 66-65 rocket only to the end of section III.But after entering the fourth, rockets by virtue of a 10-0 attack waves, Gilberto 93-89.Marcia gay harden all get 28 points 4 reboundsnike shox agent sale   5 steals, Lin Shuhao (micro-blog)-9 shooting, only 4 minutes and 3 assists, Patrick-Patterson get 20 points 8 rebounds, Chandler-Parsons 18 points 13 rebounds, Tony-Douglas 11 points.Bulls side, buziol Claudio 13 points 15 rebounds, Luo-Teng 19 points 10 rebounds, Chokin-NOAA-11 points 7 rebounds 4 caps.

At the critical moment, the rockets finally had to force a return, and the significance of this victory for rockets players were extraordinary.They will therefore be encouraged, become more confident, will know in the future competition, in distal good competition.Rather than as at the beginning of the season, a fourthnike shox nz eu section is not playing, thus losing a good Board.In addition to the victory, rocket has a lot of harvest.Such as Patterson, the rockets new sharp had scored double on 4 consecutive games, today was cut down with 20 points and 8 rebounds, and excellent play in both ends of the Court.Such steady play and if he can continue to progress, then his partner Arsic line worth looking forward to.In addition, Marcia gay harden and Parsons also continued the good play of the opening quarter, even Douglas unlocks is this game, hitting one key to score three points, and solid 4 4 penalties, Gilberto help team.

Even so to speak, harden is a dual pressure today, after all, Lin Shuhao (micro-blog) today's performance is too poor, so the bulls strength can all be set to his body.But even so, when harden scored when efficiency began to slow, he still has the capacity to contribute to the team, distal he sent Patterson Dunks, then rocket behind very difficult follow-up shot with 5 min was successful.Hindsight perspective, today's space, almost like Marcia gay harden in prolonging a person.Today's rocket, wugong scrap to Lin Shuhao, simply being discarded directly match the last minute; Arsic of 4 or 6 rebounds data also clearly behind him in this season's field value; but "two PA" outside, harden has become rocket only pillars of today.However this games but also to have such a problem with the rocket, when Marcia gay harden in good condition, or when in good condition, the team will have a chance.Once mediocre or even bad?Hugh town what to win the game?Can depend on harden, but it must not be dependent on addiction.
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