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Immune System Appreciation

Posted Mar 25 2010 12:00am
i have to put this out there, because it is bringing some profound sense of peace into my life right now. your immune system works 24/7 to fight the billions of bacteria, viruses and yeasts that you encounter each day. did you know that there are specialized immune cells that can recognize the mark a virus leaves on a cell membrane as it enters the cell? this is how it knows to destroy this cell and stop the spread of the virus' dna through your body. i have been listening to a meditation cd called "a guided meditation to support a healthy immune system" by belleruth naparstek. it brought on an emotional release the first time i listened. the woman who narrates it encourages us to appreciate the power of the immune system and the miracle that it is. lyme disease is an extremely persistent bacteria, as well as the other co-infections that can be spread through tick bites. i just had to cry because i felt so thankful for my immune system for sticking with me all these years and sorry that i had been fighting it with immuno-suppressing drugs for ten years.i appreciate my immune system and i promise that i will never fight you again but only help you by getting rest and sleep, eating nutritious food, taking my supplements, continuing to meditate, praying, and getting lots of physical movement.
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