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Posted Oct 01 2008 5:08pm
We survived Ike!! Really, Brenham didn't have too much of the storm at all. Of course it rained and our power went out for about four hours, but overall we faired quite well. We did harbor some evacuees...haha, jk...really my Mom and stepdad along with their cute kitty have been staying at our house since Thursday. It is pretty nice, because my Mom keeps cooking, which is exciting!! Yesterday Andy and I came home from work at lunch, and lunch was ready and waiting!!! Thankfully they were able to check out their boat in Kemah on Sunday and their marina is really the only thing that did not have serious damage. Actually their boat did not have any damage at all, and only had about three blades of grass on it! The only other thing about the storm was that Andy and I had to work all weekend due to evacuees who relocated to our facility. We ended up working about three 12 hour shifts throughout the weekend, including from 7pm to 7am...let me just tell you, that sucked!!! Thankfully nothing major happened and we just got to chill out, but of course there was no computer access, so we were bored to death. Other than that, our first official hurricane ended up being okay.

In terms of health and pain, I too faired better than expected. I have been feeling pretty yucky since about last Thursday but through the actual storm when I am usually curled up in bed crying, I was not! It was great to go through a storm and not feel as though death is around the corner! You may think I am exaggerating, but I am not! Anyway, it was a great feeling for me. Throughout the entire month I have been frequently surprised at my ability to do more things and endure more and more. The medication is working wonders and I am thrilled. Looking back at just three months ago, I see major changes. I am not cured, at least not yet, and do continue to have severe pain, but it is at a much different level than previous! Thank you GOD!!!!
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