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I really want to make confuse the masses

Posted Mar 29 2013 8:11am
Written technology posted yesterday from the programmer's point of view, the moment the results reflect the average. I decided to use the more popular examples to explain this fried hot IP,room on the phenomenon. Purpose without him, I really want to make confuse the masses to see the truth. Stubborn  superstitious believers, or that the IP  Cheap Diablo 3 Gold on the Can you continue Shuashua Shua's power, and welcome to ignore.

Constellation of scientists or the Zodiac Master, in fact, should be classified as a psychologist. The wording and statements of writing a monthly fortune is one of psychology's most high-end applications. Example, such a period of career fortune "This month you on in the economy suffered a small setback, but in their careers progress, it is too easy condemnation. What is called the Little setbacks? Out a $ 10, buy things overpaid, bad to cell phone repair, run three times a wedding to give red envelopes. Career progress? Boss praise you, successful completion of the boss to tasks, QQ, a headhunter and your meals with friends, honor and business executives ... the characteristics of human nature is easy to believe in the three into a tiger. A little experience points consistent with the event, plus see what other people agree with, and immediately convinced.

Character analysis is nonsense: "upright character and amiable," radiates with the charm of the glorious "," need other people's admiration and praise. "Basically, you sum up all humanity, normal to have these features or want to have These advantages. To refute these claims is also very simple - the world the same month people thousands of students on the same day? All are the same character has the same life experience? Twins both experience distinct
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