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I Hope You Dance

Posted Jul 24 2010 12:00am
I have been so incredibly blessed all of my life. Even in extreme hard times God has always made sure I knew I was loved and that everything was for a reason...just believe. It seems when I settle into a routine as I have with Parkinson's then he brings something else along to stir the pot again. A new friend or old friend, an idea that won't go away no matter how silly it seems and then there's my wheels. Not chair wheels, car wheels. since at least March or more I have been without a car and trying to get to doctor appointments for me and my mom and keep the household going. I did well until the last month and things begin to pile up. Missed appointments because I had no one to take me and I just wanted out...Out for a drive, out to be by myself....just OUT. Well today I did it. My car is here and I am ever so proud. The dealership has been very special through all this. I knew just what I wanted and they would get it and it would be gone or it just was a little not right. Well she is here. A beautiful pewter color with all the bells and whistles and I am "On The Road Again" It would have been so easy for me to give up this time. The pain is severe again and my walking is not as good as it could be but, nope, I figure I have another dance in me. If you are someone reading this who feels they have come to the end of their rope and there just is nothing else exciting that could possibly venture into your life....your wrong. When you least expect it, a change will be offered to you.....a chance to dance and I hope you Pokie
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