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I have Steroid PseudoRheumatism. Is there anyone familar with this that can help me? Please.

Posted by erinadams

I have had this for 5 years.  I was in the hospital with an episode of optic neuritis, and I was then diagnosed with MS.  for the optic neuritis they had me on 1000ml of a Solemedrol drip for over 3 weeks.  Then I awoke with the most intense pain I have ever known.  and to date, I still have this intense pain.  My pain specialist has me on some very strong meds, but is not persuing a way for this to end.  Neither is my MS doctor.  and Every Rheumatologist I have gone to (nearly every one in the tri state area)  Please Please I have been trying to find anyone to help me or even give me more info on this disease and what options I have, or if there even are any.

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