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i have pains in my ring finger monthly and it swollen too

Posted by swollen joint

i usually experience pain and eswelling in my ring finger which makes it difficult for me to stretch it,and it stays there for just two day of every something wrong with mine finger joint?
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I am having the same thing.  Swelling in my left ring finger with numbness/tingling in both ring and little fingers along with the outer side of my palm and upthe outerside of my forearm. 

 Have you found any releif or a diagnosis?


It sounds like you may be suffering from cubital tunnel syndrome. The ulna nerve which lies and moves thru the "funny boen" becomes trapped and cannot move easily. The first symptoms of this is numbnes of the pinky and ring finger. This numbness can also affect the outer side of the palm and the forearm as the damage to thenerve gets worse. You need to seek medical advice as soon as possible.

In the mean time bend your elbow as little as possible. Wrap your arm, not too tight at night, so that you do not bend it when you sleep.


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