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i have avascular necrosis for both hip joints is it possible to cure completely

Posted by soyafgk

i have avascular necrosis for both hip joints, currently undergoing ayurveda treatment as allopathy doctors referred for operation with 50% success rate for grafting or otherwise hip replacement. last 8 months i'm undergoing ayurveda treatment and i'm feeling a 30% difficulties than before (be it in movement or pain). But i would like to know whether there is 100% cure for this disease without surgery using any traditional ayurvedic, chinese or other medicines. If not, after hip replacement will i be 100% active as normal peoples and what is the minimum period before undergoing a second replacement, means the guarantee period for the surgery.
it would be very helpful for me if you could provide me with a solution.
By the way, i'm 32 years old and suffering for past 1 year due to use of steriods for 2 months for my eye treatment.
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hello i have also necrosis in both hip joint but now i am taking a neurotherapy teratment and taking also Ayurvedic medsine now i have some reliff
Dear Anant Where are you doing your treatments neurotherapy teratment and  Ayurvedic medicine Because Dear I am 24yrs Suffering with Vascular Necrocis for both hip one side serious sitution i dont know what to do can u please give me a suggestion about this case please waiting for your replay 
Dear Anant & Shefin; I have sucessfully been treated for avascular necrosic with blood thinners, my necrosis was caused by blood clots.   I no longer have any pain!
how?thinners like? even i am suffering from avn in  both the hip joints.your answer is like a hope.pls guide all of us
I was diagnosed with stage 3 AVN in my left hip a year and a half ago. Doctors kept holding off treatment because they didn't know what 2 do about it and theres not alot of doctors around that knows anything about it. well yesterday i went to a local hospital that found me a doctor 2 hours away that could help. Turns out i have it in both hips and the doctor told me both legs are on the verge of collapse and i'll have to get hip replacements in a year. and i just turned 22. He told me that if i would have seen him months before that he could have probably treated me with core decompression or bone grafting, now since all the doctors i tried to get to help me, took so long. Its just a slow painful waiting game to see when I can't take anymore pain. So if you have any kind of worrys i recommend you getting to a doctor ASAP and making sure they get you in for Xray and a pelvic MRI and really push the issue, because if you wait 2 long It might be to late

Suggest me good hospital/doctor in Pune or around to get treatment for AVN.

Reply ASAP.



Hi, My wife is suffering from Avascular necrosis, Kindlly provide the detials on where you were treated and pnone # that would be really helpful.. my email


 To know about most advanced and recent stem cell therapy for AVN please contact .


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