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I have a torn scapholunate ligament and another tear in the lunotriquetral ligament in my right wrist.

Posted by missagirl2888

I have been referred from an orthopedic surgeon to another orthopedic surgeon who specializes in hand surgery.  I have also been in a splint for three months operating under a misdiagnosis of tendonitis.  I was wondering if anyone knew what kinds of treatments injuries like this carries and what kind of recovery time is common.  Thanks!
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i had the same thing except i don't think i tore my lunotriquetral ligament, but i completed tore my scapholunate ligament and it was to the point where there was no ligament tissue left except for a very small amount.  i had to have surgery and he just used some capsule from another ligament to repair it then left 2 anchors in my wrist to keep the ligament together. idk if you already had the surgery or how long ago you posted this but i was in a cast for 8 weeks and a splint for 1 week. it's been 9 months since i've had the surgery and i still have pain when i move it and little movement. my doctor told me it would probably take 6 months to a year for the pain to go away and that i would loose 30-50% of my movement and later in life probably have to have it fused. it's a pretty serious injury and it sucks haha but hope yours isn't as bad as mine
o yeah and i went to a physical therapist 3 times a week for 2 months. for sports i just had to wear a custom brace. the brace didn't help with the pain only to protect it from tearing again.

I can tell you firsthand that you are WAY past the window of scapholunate repair because the same thing happened to me.  I think it's a max of 8 weeks post-injury.   The big deal is the idiotic misdiagnosis (a torn scapholunate shows up on an x-ray, it's farther away from the lunate bone that it should be).  Like you, I was a victim of a series of foul-ups on the part of physicians, starting with a radiologist who read my initial x-ray and focused on my hand (broken fifth metacarpal, deformed, never reset) rather than my wrist.  Then that orthopedic surgeon who missed the diagnosis.  By the time I got a correct diagnosis from a competent physician, too late, I'll just have to have my wrist fused in a decade or so.

The treatment for your scapholunate ligament tear, right now, is probably cortisone injections.  They help for some people; they helped my TFCC tear but they REALLY hurt for a couple days afterward since the joint is so small and the cortisone crystallizes in the joint.  Max is 3 per year, since any more than 3 can cause more damage.  Next would be arthoscopic debridement.  Debridement takes like 30 minutes, you'd be under the whole time, and recovery is a couple weeks in a splint followed by some physical therapy (unless you have the self discipline to do it on your own).  It helped me a little but on my latest MRI w/ an arthorgram, I have a giant black area, indicating that the joint is becoming arthritic.  After that, ibuprofen, wrist braces, maybe anti-arthritis meds, whatever.  I hope you don't have any nerve damage (I do).  Wait who knows how long, and you're probably gonna end up having to have a fusion, unless there's some major breakthrough in the treatment of SLAC wrist.


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