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I had a total hip replacement done 14 years ago and my doctor recently has scheduled a revision. What can I expect? I am 42 yea

Posted by rosenms143

I was diagnosed with AVN at 23 years of age and was told that I would eventually have it in my other hip.  I had my hip totally replaced at 26.  I'm 42 now and have had no signs of it in my other hip, but it's time for a revision and I would like to know what to expect.  Also, I'm questioning  how this developed.  The doctor then had lots of possibilities.  If I was a candidate for having this bilaterally, would I have not already experienced this.  I was involved in a motorcycle accident when I was 17 and was slammed into a truck  on the side that developed the AVN.  I did not break any bones that they could find at that time.  Is it possible the trauma from the hit then eventually caused me to have my hip replaced 6 years later?
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