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I can't get the needle cap off my B-D SlipTip syringe without holding the hub and bending the cap back & forth. Is this safe?

Posted by wen

The needle keeps coming off the syringe tip instead of the cap coming off the needle, but after putting it back on numerous times, holding the needle hub and bending the cap back & forth it eventually comes off, although sometimes the needle is bent by then. My husband has to do it, my fingers aren't strong enough (and I used to build boats).   I draw the med from a multi-use vial, which seems to make the process even less sterile.  My CVS pharmacy has refused to supply me with any other type or even a different batch syringe, although they can't get the cap off either without handling it all over.  I'm at my wits end.  I'm injecting the med anyway and hoping I don't get an infection. What else can I do?  Am I doing something wrong?  The cap seems to be molecularly bonded to the needle hub, and I've been trying to get different needles for almost a month now.
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