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How long should you use pain pills after total hip replacement surgery?

Posted by jhnb

I had total hip replacement on my right hip 4 weeks ago.  I am on a generic form of vicadin and have cut my usage down from 12 pills a day to 3 pills a day.  I would like to stop completely, but don't feel I can right now.  How long is it safe to remain on pain meds?
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Hip replacement surgery is very common surgery where a damaged hip joint is replaced with an artificial one.Hopefully the medication requird is less as the pain is usually managable.Therefore it is good to reduce the amount of painkillers you take,If you are able to,but do not stop if the pain stops you from walking or exercising.You can stop after the full corse of medication prescribed is over or you have relief from pain.Do consult your surgeon before taking or stopping your medication so that it does not hamper your recovery.
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