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Hip Surgery Los Angeles, Reverse Shoulder Surgery – Restore Mobility and Alleviate Hip and Shoulder Pain

Posted Jan 28 2012 10:51am
Minimally invasive Knee surgery

Severe arthritis affects the joints of the body, especially those that are used often. Two of the most commonly affected large joints are the shoulder and the hip. Of the almost four million residents of Los Angeles, California, there are many with damaged shoulder or hip ball-and-socket joints. There are a number of excellently qualified surgeons in the Los Angeles metropolitan area that perform the hip surgery Los Angeles arthritis sufferers need. Shoulder replacement and reverse shoulder surgery are procedures that are necessary often as well. These surgeries all involve replacing the natural ball and socket joint with some type of synthetic joint, such as a metal ball in a plastic socket.

The City of Angels has a million sights to see, but seeing them is difficult if you have problems moving or pain when going about your daily life. Hip surgery patients need is also called hip arthroplasty. The synthetic implant ball and socket is specifically designed to be safe inside the body and resist decay or corrosion. Rehabilitation follows the surgery, which yields relief from pain previously endured and a restored range of motion. Single or double hip replacement is possible for patients who need this type of help. Shoulder replacement or reverse shoulder surgery performs the same service for those patients who have arthritic damage to the shoulder joint.

Shoulder replacement mimics the natural ball and socket with a synthetic implant like in the hip surgery patients have. Reverse shoulder surgery works a little differently. Reverse shoulder replacement is used in patients who have a combination of problems, specifically severe arthritis in the shoulder joint and a torn rotator cuff tendon. With rotator cuff injuries and deterioration, a traditional shoulder replacement will not hold in place properly over time. The ball will loosen and slip out of socket. Reverse shoulder replacement solves this problem by flipping the natural design of the shoulder joint.

Used for more than ten years in Europe, reverse shoulder surgery as only recently been approved for use in the United States by the FDA. The change in placement of the ball and socket implants allows the deltoid muscle to lift the arm overhead, improving range of motion and motility. When looking for reverse shoulder replacement or hip surgery, Los Angeles residents should check on the experience of the potential surgeons. Reverse shoulder replacement is a fairly new surgery and not all doctors have the appropriate levels of experience.


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