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Hip joint pain and cracking joints in 22 y/o female? Possible pre-arthritis?

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I had surgery for a slipped capitol femoral epiphysis on my right hip at age 11. The pain before the surgery (usually in the right but sometimes in both hips) was absolutely excruciating and left me unable to walk. I have always sometimes felt pain in my hips since, but not as bad. For the past few years however the pain has been much worse, sometimes again leaving my unable to walk on a certain leg. Since it is now affecting both hips almost evenly, I'm wondering if the problem is becoming more widespread? Sometimes it will feel as though my leg locks in place and walking becomes unbearable. The only way it goes away temporarily is if I stretch my leg behind me, which causes my hips to crack . After I can usually walk again for the next hour or so, sometimes longer. About 4 years ago I saw an orthopedist who told me my right hip x ray looked good, and to take glucosamine and wear orthodics. This worked to an extent but it was always present. Sometimes it feels as though it is bone on bone, and sometimes the pain extends into my knees.  What can I do to get rid of this? Whats causing my hips to crack?!
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You were actually spot on! It was FAI (cam impingement I believe) and I also had extra bone surrounding a screw from an old surgery that was also causing impingement plus my femur was off-axis. I had MAJOR surgery (periacetabular osteotomy with surgical dislocation)  8 weeks ago and am recovering well. I was lucky enough to get two top orthopedic surgeons (one who helped invent the technique even flew down to LA) to do the surgery. Thanks for your help!

I would advise you to look into Femoralacetabular (hip) Impingement, FAI.  Your symptoms sound very close to this condition.  The discovery and treatment for FAI is still fairly new therefore many sufferers go undiagnosed.  You can read more about FAI and my journey from diagnosis to surgery on my blog:

Good luck to you and I wish you the best!  I know how difficult hip pain is and I hope you find the answers and treatment you need.  Best Wishes, Vanessa:)

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