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hi i have so many doctors trying to figure out what auto immune disease i have. im kind of freaking out. maybe you can help me.

Posted by Cureme

I have severe eye inflammation that goes right to the back of my eye with the blood vessels enlarged also. Im on predisnone eye drops, an anti inflammatory eye drop and then an eye drop that relieves pressure from the steroid eye drop for two years. Its not working. Just in my left eye.

I get swollen salavary gland just on the left side, and swollen lymph nodes all the time including in my neck and in my vagina.

I had low blood pressure throughout my pregnancys and still.

Severe heart palpitations and a choking sensation when i lay on my back to goto sleep.

Joint pain in fingers on my left hand.

Numbness in my back (upper) and my big toes at the ends.

Nodules on my lower legs that come and go.

Hair loss where clumps of my hair fall out in the shower.

I have to urinate all the time including at night.

All ANA tests and RA tests are negative. Lyme tetre negative. They dont know what is wrong with me. T3 and T4 normal. Someone please help.

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   Do you want to try this ?

1, drink ginger water (look for the recipes in this room )

2, eat 2 raw ginko nut, without the shell. skin and the inside heart , smash till really broken up, put in a cup add hot water a bit of salt. consume every day, for a month and every other day the 2nd month, then you should stop after 2 months. You should also consult your doc, about this before you take it.

3, go to a chinese tea store, buy chinese tea call PU ER, they will teach you how to prepare it , drink this every day and every time.

4, clothing, ask any health consultant, they will tell you that we should wear loose clothing. Is the under garment you are using too tight? Please attention to it. It can impede the flow of blood. when you are weak.


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