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Henan Women's 3-1 Shanghai Women's U18 the Shanghai media: door Wenfeng pleased as Chongchao

Posted Jan 16 2013 5:58am
A chair borrowed via the concierge, gone after the sidelines, sitting with legs crossed, lit a cigarette, basking while in the warmth in the sun, watching the game in your field, your system, the heart of a cozy, don't seem to be will have to say. Get rid of this sport, and me there is a distinct form of comfortable: Shanghai U18 team finally lost! Saturday 4 to 0 victory, played Shandong adult team did a temper, share of pride around the heart, for example a spring seedlings facilities relating to the fat, he kept soaring. Say opponents in the eye before Henan team, numerous encounters, no defeat in November of last year's in Wenjiang Championships, also easily beat 4 0.
Saturday Shandong adult team game, the members aren't only obviously not excited, but even showing warning signs of fatigue, each defense closing along the intensity or offensive advance speed are greatly weakened. Participate in the game for 17 minutes, only the first shot. Counterattack all the other hand, Henan team played impressively. In 21 minutes, the the Henan team players nearly door shot, striking the woodwork to appear. Shanghai U18 girls did was awakened because of the slamming Dwyane Wade Authentic Jersey within the "bang". 2 minutes later, the kick pretty get started Henan team, finally let these girls proud taste the bitterness with the goals conceded. After conceding an ambition, the women come to the place momentum, hit several pretty offensive. Football is very that women usually aren't the spirit, luck also ran aside of a good opportunity, all over again, that the ball will never be into. Instead, summon a totally new Henan team, 15, 31 minutes, 39 minutes, and then the next two cities 3, that it was really difficult tight corner. Intermission yourselves take into account playing Steve Nash Authentic Jersey what ball? The "water the Qing Xia Shuaixia this, angry and went off to get.
Besides, teaching this online game, the women form a circle talking rushes, his face didn't have any color depressed, some players yet a grin limited to get rid of the intermission, the larger guy said a encourage 1: "The other half refueling, to win golf." the other half is played a whole lot better, along with three minutes following your opening, on a corner kick opportunities, city by kicking left 1 / 2 of the 19th Tan Silan pierce. Played excited Henan team surmount defense counterattack strong and doesn't allowed the want to find the Shanghai U18 girls comeback. The end whistle, reaching the fifty Henan coach door Wenfeng, that well imagine how, really nearly as almost as much ast last year rate Henan Jianye team Chongchao the success rrt had been. However, the truly gratifying. In spite of everything, defeated the notoriety U18 team. This door Wenfeng hope to pay homage. A all four football field hatchetman Super team coach, loneliness, a little women's team's helm since pointer is basically commendable. Out of the joy following the win, alters are also threw himself into. It is composed by nbaeliteshopjerseys 01.16.2013
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