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Posted by kristinaw

I am trying to help find medical answers for myself and looking for anyone that has any ideas that could help me.  My symptoms are
Low iron- I just completed 16 weeks of IV Iron treatments to get my iron to "normal" levels.
arthritis (daignoised when i was 17 after surgery to remove my gallbladder
vitamin d was low
i have hyperhomocsyteinemia (blod clots very quickly)  this is have given me baby mini strokes
Ferritin is 312
numbness in my arms, hands, back, face,and legs
was in so much pain thursday i could not move or if someone touched me it sent pains shooting though my body.

any ideas?
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What is DVT?  My iron levels are fine now and i still have numbness in my face, back, hands, arms, and legs.  I just took a test for the Vitamin D so i am not sure at the moment.  They are telling me that my numbness is not linked to my anemia though or at least that is what my hematologist has said.  he is considering doing a upper GI and colonoscopy on me to check for internal bleeding or any signs why it took 16 IV treatments of 250ml for my iron to come up to a normal range.  I walk everyday and it does not help me.  A couple of thursday's ago, i had a really bad issue with stabbing pain everywhere in my body and if anyone touched me it made it worse.  i could barely move or walk.  I have also noticed that i am cold now and i used to be warm all the time and i find myself being cold most of the time.  any thoughts?  i have been looking for a year or more now and i am just wanting answers.  Hematologist suggested Lupus.  My vision is also been changing rapidly for the last two years.  i just got new glasses about 4 months ago and things are already blurry again.

hyperhomocsyteinemia is what is causing my blood clots
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