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Hello Bone-Builders

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:04pm

I am starting this blog to keep you posted on any new developments in the bone-strengthening arena.
I will also post links here to articles in the press about the drug companies and their attempts to get us all taking multiple prescription drugs. It is one of my strongest intentions to keep women off unnecessary drugs as we age.    

I am 62 now and feeling good, but I did not exercise hardly at all for about two months so I want to get back on my program. I was in India for one month and then recovering from the trip and taking care of business when I got back ate up another month.
I think this is a good test to see how fast my body can recover from inactivity and regain strength and muscle tone.

I am doing the rebounding series twice a day with my vest at 4lbs and a walk in the afternoon with my vest at 8lbs. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.
I think I am not quite back to beginner level because I can still do the complete workout without fatigue, probably I’m an advanced beginner in strength.

Remember, if you haven’t exercised today, your body is not having a great day,

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