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has been awarded to the socialist nike air max 95 cheap construction

Posted Oct 11 2012 8:31am
Early December 1959, the new year conscription work has already begun, Lei Feng is an urgent requirement to participate in the People's Liberation Army, but in view of the the coking plant conscription places are limited, Lei Feng was a very prominent site, the leadership can not bear to let him go. do not agree with his registration. This cheap nike air max 87 can be very anxious Lei Feng, he ran the tens of miles, came to the Liaoyang Municipal People's Armed Forces Department to Let's talk about your own experience more than political commissar, the voluntary and determination that he joined the army.

Pick the leadership of the soldiers sent more than political commissar of the Armed Forces Department and the Corps of Engineers specializes in the Lei Feng's enlisted problem, that he is suffering children born after the actual exercise, good political qualities, enlisted motivation is clear, although the height of 1.54 meters, less than 55 kg body weight, physical condition is satisfactory, but opened his farm tractor, bulldozer factory opened, has been awarded to the socialist nike air max 95 cheap construction, activists and advanced workers. Believe him into Wuhui Cheng grow faster. The final decision on approval of Lei Feng army.January 8, 1960, Lei Feng received a draft notice, resident Yingkou, Liaoyang came together with the new recruits. As recruits representatives welcomed the comrades enlisted to address the Assembly.15 August in 1962 at more than eight minutes, the rain started falling, Lei Feng and his assistant Joanne Hill drive from the site back to the station. They drove into the company parking lots, car body splashing mud and water, then in spite of the fatigue of the long-distance traffic, immediately Joanne Hill open space launch vehicle to go to the car wash.
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