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Hard To Dance Without Music

Posted Jul 22 2010 12:00am
I spent the night last night wandering the halls of the Internet checking the problems and joys of the World and am so disgusted at the treatment of America's Seniors. I am a senior at 63 and proud to be so. I have lived a very full and eventful life and now in the last quarter(as a friend of mine refers to it) you have the gift to look where you have been and the sense to fear what is coming. Some are lead to believe that that fear is based on dying, for me, not so. The fear comes from having to swallow every bit of your pride to beg for help and finding out no one is either listening or cares. You are a disabled senior, on a tight rope and no net below. Some already in free fall pray for death so the suffering stops.....not from pain but stress. A man is taught from day one to grow up and take care of your family, no matter what. He works his entire life thinking, I'll give this everything I have and when I retire I'll rest......WRONG. The American dream is no longer there benefits are being cut, insurance is being taken away, patients are taking their medication every other day because they can not afford it on a daily bases or are sharing it with someone who can not get it at all. That same grown man finds it har to support a family now but in his senior years find s no peace at all......the rug could be pulled at any time. In the rush to bail out Bankers who will never experience these problems, and bail out a failing economy, and put people to work....WHAT HAS THE GOVERNMENT AND SOCIETY DONE? They have taken the very foundation of the U.S.A. and disgraced it. In no other country in the World are the sick and elderly treated with such utter disrespect. When America's seniors are gone who will tell the stories and answer the questions. This generation and the one to follow is so busy the stories are never remembered and the events never happen.....and those SENIOR GENES. Those are the genes that will unlock what has went before for future breakthroughs BUT if a person cannot afford to buy his medication , he will skip doctors appointments and will not have that extra test that just might be the one that held the answer. I grew up under a very strict Scotch-Irish/Germany background. And the first thing I learned was to respect my elders ALWAYS. I'm so sorry but I see no semblance of respect in anything going on in America today toward seniors, disabled,un- insurable families.....Some of the answers on Patientslikeme have been this:
1. Wish i was smart enough to come up with a real definitive answer...but everything is just so screwed up....
2. If the gov't gets into many more things...we will be robots. Get up eat, go to bathroom, eat and sleep and keep your mouth shut..sorry. I can take alot of abuse and have in my lifetime but have never been able to stick with a liar. Once and I'm gone....absolutely no tolerance. That leaves me nothing in politics anymore....
3. How many are willing to get the power scooter and tell it like it is??? the squeakiest wheel gets the grease.......who squeaks the loudest????
4. where are the free clinics?
5. I lay awake at night trying to think of a way not to end up in a state run nursing facility where who knows what might happen to me.
In closing I can only pray for help for our Veterans that fought for nine years for agent orange benefits and the veterans coming home now with no legs and no arms to what. They fought for our rights and then our government takes them away.....Somewhere there must be an answer but only God knows POkie
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