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Grow with World of Warcraft! How Long did You Play WoW?

Posted Mar 12 2013 2:56am

Do you play  world of warcraft? After you really start to learn about all the aspects of the game , you will find out how stimulating it can be. You actually need to be really smart to understand what wow is about. There are at least 20,000 pages on WoWWiki with explanations, strategies etc. How long did you play wow and how do you feel about  world of wacraft
I’ve been gaming for years and  world of warcraft gold  has got to be the best game I’ve ever played. No game has ever kept me on it for so long, and kept me so continously interested. I feel that I grow with the game, it’s amazing!! 01300000168389121084772847377

It’s easy to see why I played wow for so long. The game is easy enough for anyone to pick up, and with enough time, to gain the max level. But, for people that raid, it becomes an entertaining job. There is real accomplishment in end game raiding. My guild had Illidan on farm status when I left. To be able to coordinate 25 people seamlessly is no easy task. Competing for fastest content completion makes that task even more daunting. Being 124th in the world, in anything, is an accomplishment. I am proud of our accomplishments, even if it was just in a game. I am also proud of how well my friends can work as a team.

One thing that I can see wow does ‘better’ than other games is that it can be played on lower end systems due to simple graphics than other recent MMOs. I’ve not heard of any innovations in the game that weren’t done in other MMOs first, but there may be some. All the MMOs borrow from each other.

"I played WoW for about a year, it was the first MMORPG I ever played and it will be the last. I loved all the warcraft games prior and the idea of it seemed cool so I gave it a shot. When I started playing WoW. I was instantly hooked. I would literally play every minute of free time I had, until dawn. I just couldnt bring myself to PvP as much as the people who made GM or HW) especially in PvP does the need to keep playing arise. Non online rpgs, you can pause, save etc and pick up and leave off where ever you want at your own pace." one of wow fans said.

WoW creates friends out of like-minded strangers and instills a feeling of responsibility to those friends. People play wow because they can make friends and enjoy the fun to do quests, no matter what changed, the love to wow won’t change. Since the wow patch 5.2 comes up, we can continue to fighting together.


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