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Google Needs to Focus on Cloud Technology in Tablet Competition

Posted Jan 13 2012 6:29am

Beijing time on January 10, according to foreign media reports, the United States Network Edition of eWeek wrote today a renowned IT magazine, pointed out that Google tablet want to challenge Amazon's Kindle Fire product, 10 measures must be taken.

The only question is how Google will come up with a challenge to Kindle Fire Tablet in features and price. Kindle Fire Tablet is a top product of have the function of most hit with consumers, want to beat the Kindle a Fire Tablet is not easy. However, if Google wants to achieve this goal, you must take the following 10 steps:

1, Google brand

Google should not do associate its Tablet by Motorola Mobile brand. If you want to beat Amazon, Google must make appropriate Tablet branded the "Google", but also need to clear up this tablet from design to final production, which is based on Google's own ideas. Consumers believe that Google will create a great tablet, but they do not necessarily trust Motorola mobile, the weak sales on Motorola mobile company in the market, after all, is enough to prove it. Google must be kept in mind.

2, An unique operating system

Although Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet runs the Android operating system, this was never as consumers are now seen by the operating system. Amazon took a long time to modify the operating system in order to give it a Kindle Fire System. Google in this regard should also take sensible measures, adding unique Android functions, to run on your tablet computer. For example, Kindle Fire has a fatal defect, light disk can not play on Kindle Fire directly, such as play dvd movies on kindle fire. Thought Kindle Fire can support Flash, many common videos can not be played on it directly, for film lovers, they have to use converter software. So if Google want to surpass the Amazon Kindle Fire, it should solve this key problem, that is Google Tablet can compatible with any video formats without with a kindle fire video converter.

3, attractive eBook experience

Google has recognized that the eBook will gain a foothold in the future. But so far, Amazon's Kindle e-book has been dominant in this area. To enable Google Tablet to challenge Kindle Fire, Google must be focusing on designing a more attractive eBook experience in its plans. Such initiatives actions will be the long-term of helping Google attract those who want to read books, but do not know what from the start with the user.

4, consolidation services

Amazon and Apple in the Tablet PC performance were sufficient to demonstrate the point: the success of integration-related services, for a product, it will play a key role. Apple has iTune, App Store and iBook. Amazon has Kindle ebook store, Instant Video as well as its own app store. Therefore, Google must be in its own Tablet PC product bundling or integrating all the services, if you do not do this, then Google will lead to a big mistake.

5 more reasonable prices

As of the end of 2011, price has become one of the most important factors affecting Tablet PC sales.If Kindle Fire did not set the price at $ 199, you may not have today's success. Google needs to own tablet formulation of reasonable prices. However, if the price is higher than the Kindle Fire, then Google may fail. Google wants to get the market share Kindle Fire, then developing a cheaper price is likely to be the only option.

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