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Good morning, I am presenting these symptoms, and today. the back of the neck in swollen:

Posted by Debbie

·         Spatial disconnect, drugged sensation.  Vision seems dissected with head movement, unfocused, fuzzy with sparkles.  Mental disconnect.  Feelings of faintness. 

·         Insomnia – medicated every night, the brain will not settle down from vibration

·         Drastic hair loss in recent weeks – even arm hair and eyebrows

·         Lying down, there’s immediate head pressure and exaggerated flow noise in ears (hum).  Headachy in nature, eyes ache

·         Left side of throat feels thick, strained – visible difference when speaking - speech is clenched and sometimes slurred.  When holding left side of throat, I got dizzier!  If something is swollen in the front of the neck, could it be pressing on nerves or referring to the problems in the back of the neck?  What’s the vagus nerve do? And could it relate to the gut bloating?

·         Facial lymph nodes swollen at mouth, facial inflammation, tingling around mouth only

·         Cranial vibration, warmth, stimulation – worse when lying down

·         Terrible neck grinding and cracking

·         Non-productive cough, urge that something is in my throat, swallowing feels something stuck

·         Pounding heart rate, elevated resting HR by 20%, spikes, shortness of breath, faint

·         Both feet bloated in heels, painful to stand or walk.

·         Skin is thin and fragile, lasting depressions (explain), blood pooling beneath skin, white splotches

·         Atrophy in hands and throat – cuts won’t go away.

·         Easily cold

·         Limb numbness, mostly left side, arm and foot.  Foot throbs at times, mostly when lying down, lying on left induces pain.

·         Weight gain, nutrition is balanced and clean but solid 10+ gain.

·         Always dehydrated, thirsty

·         Irrational rage, depressed, emotional – no vitality at all

·         Teeth and gum changes – cracks and color (transparency), gum deterioration and pale

Infrequent incontinent

Limb (both legs, both arms) numbness, cranial tingling in forehead and chin.

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