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Gods Day

Posted Jul 15 2012 12:00am
Bath taken, hair curled, clothes layed out for church today and I cannot wait. Sundays are that special to me. We laugh and we hug I am with friends and God smiles. I have no pains or problems in his house. And though sometimes I cry, they are always tears of joy. He has taken me dowwn so many roads and always done so with a gentle hand in guidance. He has made so many changes in me in the last two years or should I say he has allowed me to face myself and make a change. Sometimes life scares me and when that happens I EAT. It's a buffer to keep the world away BUT God just keeps saying,"Come on, you can do it." and I have found in time with all I have in me...I can make it because I BELIEVE. For this and my many other blessings I am thankful and give thanks. Once again my rest is done. The journey must begin again . The map is in my hand. Through my resting and turmoil my friends have been right there, often just to listen to my questions......why, why, why is always the question....Though they are spread all over the United States, they are always only a phone call away....I am so blessed. To all that read this rambling, I wish you health and happiness on this Sunday, GODS DAY......Love Pokie
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