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FREE || ^STREAM^ How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Episode 15 Live Streaming GRATIS 02/04/2013

Posted Feb 05 2013 4:08am

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And in “Ring Up!”, the theory was thoroughly killed in the most spectacular way possible.  In my mind, there was no way Bays and Craig DIDN’T know about the Carly Theory, as they absolutely trolled us with both the reveal and the payoff of who Ted’s new date was.  Hell, the storyline ends with Barney trying to wed the pair in a quickie wedding!  Like always, the show was trying to play off our expectations and theories to bring home the fact that, sadly, the Carly Theory is false.  Better luck next time, theorizers!Watch How I Met Your Mother  Season 8 Episode 15 Online, How I Met Your Mother   8x15 Free, Watch How I Met Your Mother   s08e15 Online Full Episode, Watch How I Met Your Mother   Season 8 Episode 15  Online Free From How I Met Your Mother   Season 8 Episode 15, Watch How I Met Your Mother   Season 8 Episode 15 Online, How I Met Your Mother   8x15 Free, Watch How I Met Your Mother   s08e15 Online Full Episode,

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Regardless of the motivations behind it, the story generates one of the better Ted-related subplots of the season, as he’s less an object of angst, and more just the lovable schmuck that Ted tends to be, at his most enjoyable. The main thrust of the episode is the conflict bred from Ted dating a quirky, hot 19 year-old college student, which Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) encourages, so that he might live vicariously through Ted’s hook-up, as Barney is having a hard time detoxing from his addiction to cheap one night stands, now that he’s chosen to be a monogamous individual. Barney practically begs Ted to sleep with the girl, despite Ted’s complaints that the two have nothing in common. Of course, this turns out not to be the case, as they share an abiding love for Star Wars (although Carly has only seen the prequels. “Close enough,” says Ted, diving in for the kiss). Ted shows Barney pictures from the hook-up, which brings him to the horrifying realization that this is his half-sister. This initiates an episode-long vendetta between the two, with Barney trying to get Ted to marry Carly to imbue their hook-up with meaning, while Ted helps Barney to eventually recognize the depth of his commitment to Robin, in lieu of one night stands.Ashley Benson acquits herself well in the role, playing Carly as equal parts ditzy and sultry. Her attraction to Ted is based entirely around her fetish for old people (“I bet you look hot playing Shuffleboard”), and it’s a comic quirk that Benson runs with. Her comedic timing is pretty well-hidden in her role as Hanna Marin on Pretty Little Liars, and it’s fun to see her in a role that allows her to show her range, in addition to playing a character who’s slightly older. She bounces off the rest of the cast well, particularly when she and Ted exchange knowing winks after Barney forces them to promise they won’t sleep together again. I genuinely hope Benson returns, as Carly is a character that lends the show a sense of fun and frivolity that’s been lacking in recent weeks. The other elements of the episode are also welcome in their lightheartedness. Robin is worried that her engagement ring is making her invisible to other men, leading to two of the episode’s best sequences: the first, a musical sequence in which Robin strolls along the avenue, receiving complimentary items from singing bystanders who offer her freebies simply for being beautiful; and the second, a Lord of the Rings parody where the engagement ring makes Robin invisible to bar patrons and the bartender (more of an episode-long gag than a single isolated sequence, but well-executed either way). It parallels Barney’s uncertainty about his preparedness for commitment, which is remedied, on both fronts, by episode’s end – Barney realizes that Robin is the only woman in the bar he ever wants to look at again, while Robin comes to peace with how her marital status changes the perceptions of strangers around her. It’s a simple, poignant little story that is among the episode’s best.

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