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for 2 weeks when i wake up my finger joints hurt, it goes away as soon as i clench my hands and release. what is this from?

Posted by db_1

also for last month my hip bones get sore when laying in bed in same spot for too long.  its not the bed i just got a new mattress last year and it is very good quality.  Im only 49 and in good health.
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I am experiencing the exact same thing. For the last year or so I wake up with my hip aching and I have a great bed. Today, my knuckle hurt so bad, I was dreaming someone was hurting me. When I woke up, it ached for about an hour then gradually went away. Maybe we'll get some answers. I am 41 and, while being on a diet for the last six months (30 pounds lost so far) I eat very well, but am still overweight. Help? Sure does hurt!
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