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Follow your body to choose the fashion jewelry

Posted Jul 27 2011 3:01am


Face is to choose a basis for earrings and headdress, earrings on the face can play a balancing role, wearing the appropriate fashion jewelry  often backfire.Oval face for any kind of style of earrings, but the other face is different. Such as for long-shaped or square chin squid-shaped earrings; triangular face may be more options round earrings; round face and earrings should be close to the ears, and to avoid wear round earrings, and earrings the size of the face should be proportional to the size and appropriate. Fat women face a wide face, not with pendant earrings, but the more appropriate long-face woman.


Necklace is very common  fashion jewelry  of women, but because of the length of different face and neck, and wear effects are not the same.Round face and neck were not wearing a paste-like, should wear long-shaped. Wide face election smaller, elongated, with extended sense of falling. To select a slightly shorter neck, slender necklace or bead is gradually descending the pyramid on the necklace, which can increase the visual length of the neck, avoid wearing a thick necklace. Slender neck, the neck can be attached to wear a short necklace, especially the most suitable for large color beads.Short necklace people seem youthful, vibrant, long necklace people seem mature.


Slender fingers for a variety of rings, especially diamond rings, jade rings, or some other large jewelry costume  ring, the finger will set off even more beautiful.Short and flat fingers, put egg-shaped, diamond-shaped, elongated ring surface, will increase the sense of its slender fingers.Narrow the selection of short fingers can.


Pay attention to the trend in personality, the bracelets are worn left or right hand with personal preferences.The wrist is generally rich, successful, suitable for wide and loose some of the bracelet, thin and tight wrist bracelet will make even more bulky. Wrist smaller number of bracelets to choose narrow, too broad thin arm bracelet will make more "poor."

Pectoral and pendant.

Pectoral, hanging the fashion costume jewelry  of a class, as long as the proper wearing position, the body can increase the slender sense.Were not going to wear thin body big and dazzling pectoral and pendant. Tall man, preferably with fancy more complex, large brooches, such as Loudiao empty flower, with a large bag.Pectoral collar to wear in the middle, make the face longer, and look lively; winter, wearing heavy winter clothes, if coupled with a large collar on the quality sense of pectoral, the to Miyun cut through the winter, to bring a ray of sunshine around

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