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Posted Oct 05 2011 4:25am

It’s my opinion that arthritis is one of the most difficult diseases to live with.  I am not suggesting other diseases are a walk in the park, but arthritis has with it four distinct factors that make it so difficult.

These include the extended period of the disease, the limitations of mobility, the continuous rollercoaster in fluctuations of how the body feels and the constant pain.  It is easy to see how one living with arthritis can easily become and sink into depression.

Yet one of the most important things to maintaining a thriving and even “healthy” life is a fit and vibrant attitude.  It’s not always easy and if not kept in check, depression can creep in and begin to eat away; leaving a person tired, weak and ready to give up.

The following tips will help you fight and beat depression.  I realize several of them may seem like common sense but it’s sometimes hard to reason sensibly when dealing with a disease such as arthritis and the emotions involved.  It should also be noted that most of the tips will positively impact our bodies and that in itself will help in fighting depression.

1)      Get Proper Rest.   Getting sufficient rest and sleep is vital to maintaining a good attitude.  Lack of it puts added strain on your physical body and tires the mind; multiplying the effects of depression.  It is therefore critical if you are depressed to make sure you are getting proper rest. This may include the introducing naps or getting to bed earlier.

2)      Reduce the Stress Load.   Stress, whatever the source, can negatively impact our bodies and mind.  Talking to someone can relieve stress by simply sharing and receiving the support of someone listening to what’s happening in our life.  Exercise has an uncanny way of burning off stress we may be feeling.  Then there may be times when we simply must literally remove the stress from our life.

3)      Exercise.   The amount or intensity is not what’s important; physical activity has a way of rejuvenating and reviving not only the body but the mind.

4)      Spirituality.   Connecting with God brings strength, joy, peace and rest.  I am convinced my optimistic outlook is largely due to my faith and relationship with God.  In some of the darkest physical moments of my life I have sensed God with me and this has given me a hope that would otherwise be absent.

5)      Eat Properly and Drink Plenty of Water.  Remember the things we consume are fuel for our bodies and mind.  Healthy and nutritious foods along with proper amounts of water will give us the proper nutrients to function and feel the best we can.  Drinking water eliminates and helps flush poisonous toxins from our body.  It may be necessary to include vitamin supplements from time to time.

6)      Smile and Laugh.  When a moment comes that makes you smile or laugh, grab hold and get immersed in the moment.  Get around people who make you smile.  Watch TV shows or movies that trigger these emotions.  Involve yourself in an activity that brings enjoyment.

I hope these practical everyday solutions will help you in fighting or dealing with depression.  I know that in my own life I have found them extremely beneficial.  If you have any other ideas please feel free to share them below in the comments.

Remember…  Arthritis doesn’t have to suck the enjoyment of life from you, you can still live a long exciting passion filled life and thrive each and every day.

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