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Fashion Jewelry Of The Summer 2011

Posted Aug 16 2011 3:11am

In the summer, you can bother to luxury, you can not brilliant, but unassuming personality, dress to attract attention of the alternative must not let go, especially in the summer of personality exploded jewelry.

Rebellious alternative fashion jewelry personalized tag

Those of our daily wear jewelry, jewelry lying quietly in storage box, luxurious, dazzling jewelry of this time is no longer a single product focus, passion of the day, naturally should be commensurate with the jewelry to match mood. Simple and personalized items can provoke a heart that rebellious feeling.

Super endorsement rebellious personality  Costume Jewelry.

Stickers, incredibly popular in the summer, wear simple, and choose a style and more, is the individuality of a good thing. Navel ring is personalized with the youth rebellion of the witness, of course, decorate the waistline of summer magic. Umbilical in the body near the golden section, so a navel ring to the right of women to fill a lot of beauty.

Crystal Tau sticker / Swarovski Shi Yi Cai
The same as tattoo sticker fashion costume jewelry so popular this year, not to a, then you really out of! Environmentally friendly, it will not cause wear of the pressure. Navel ring as part of the body part, location relative to a special, beautiful jewelry in the degree of focus, while also taking into account the security, medical institutions should choose to wear regular navel ring hole. Also try to choose pure gold and silver jewelry, if you want to buy lower-priced jewelry but also beautiful, you can choose ring is gold and silver products, some of the other materials pendant navel ring.

A variety of multi-faceted style jewelry
Jewelry guise this season, three small metal ring can transform 10 different wear methods, two that circle a ring, so you do not know how to manage it. After one time grown up on the platinum ring, a chain, the testimony of a woman's precious. Each platinum ring has a sophisticated small buckle, through the series between the circle and circle, creating a multi-wear, fashion wild bright spot, as long as the platinum ring platinum chain with different length free combination, heart and change can create a unique necklace, can also be transformed into an elegant sparkling bracelets and earrings.

Armbands are popular in the streets this summer
Armbands in this pandemic, which is blowing from Japan and South Korea's "wind" caused by the moment is selling well, armbands in the wild, elegant, alternative and other patterns. By the ice-metal, such as Sheban circled or broken pieces with the breeze thin arm to swing the avant-garde decoration, if you are thin and long arms, and the skin has been sun "kiss" was a little bronze, then a section is very slightly Game armbands for you. You are advocating the tide of exotic people? If so, try this. By a number of small beads to string together armbands look like West Asia, ethnic style, exquisite design will make people not help but fall in love with it, can be used with color tight knit T-shirt or halter top, go down to face sprinkle on some glitter, twinkling in absolutely compelling. High-heeled shoes, handbags, envelopes, all the girls love the elements in this armband on the street feeling full, ideal for summer with loose tank vest.

Cool shape extraordinary publicity in the interpretation of

If you can not make up its mind into the "treason" circle, then these only in the shape of the fashion jewelry may be quite assertive is your best choice. Whether you are passionate to participate in the World Cup party, or enjoy a summer night's private dinner party, these lines will be your first points of the baby. Card is not very special decoration, but on the side of a tassel added this hair fashion sense, wear so that you have a strange retro noble.

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