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Far Infrared Sauna

Posted Oct 16 2009 10:03pm

Our sauna has arrived! It is a personal sauna, or "solo system" and fits over top of you as you lay on a heated mat on the floor. It's wonderful. I am so happy to be sweating!

I don't know if I told you all this, but I've been having night sweats for the past year and I know my body is either trying to kill a bug/fungus/virus or trying to sweat out a toxin. Either way, I am now helping my body sweat a lot and hopefully the night sweats will end and my body will get out whatever it is trying to sweat out.

I have a suspicion that whatever it is trying to sweat out may be concentrated in my joints...and my immune system may be trying to get it out by attacking it...and it is all taking place in the cells of my joints...and maybe that is excacerbating the RA symptoms... I think the combo of rebounding, skin brushing, and infrared heat from the sauna will help. Every few weeks I add one more healthy change to my life, the sauna was the most recent!

Healing takes time, and I must be patient. Sweating can help your body rid itself of mercury. I am also taking chlorella to mop up any mercury floating around. There are other ways of detoxing mercury, like oral chelation and I.V. chelation, but I have looked into those thoroughly yet.
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