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Excessive phone mobile power pack charging What side effects

Posted Jan 04 2013 5:51am
Mobile power lithium battery charger lithium battery overcharge due to the temperature rise and lead to increased internal pressure required to terminate the state of the current charge. In this case, the integrated protection circuit IC is required to detect the battery voltage, the miscarriage of justice in order to prevent overcharging due to the noise generated overcharge protection, and therefore need to set the delay time and delay time can not be shorter than the duration of the noise so as to avoid sentence. Phone mobile power battery in the charging process, if the charger circuit loses control, causes the battery voltage exceeds 4.2V to continue constant current charging, the battery voltage will continue to rise, when the battery voltage is charged to more than 4.3V , the battery chemistry side effects will exacerbate, usb power pack will lead to cell damage or safety problems.Mobile power battery with protection circuit control IC to detect the battery voltage reaches 4.28V (the value of the control IC mobile power pack decision, the IC has a different value), "CO" foot by high-voltage transformation zero voltage, so that V2 shifted from conduction to shutdown, thereby cutting off the charging circuit, and no longer make the charger to charge the battery, play overcharge protection role. At this time due to the presence of V2 comes with body diode VD2, the battery through the diode of the external load discharge.The first brand of Portable mobile power pack [remitted one hundred power] to remind you to move the power of lithium-ion rechargeable battery use process, overcharge, over discharge and over current will affect battery life and performance and safety fuse as rechargeable batteries secondary overcurrent protection with the IC control loop to effectively monitor and prevent battery damage.
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