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Erosive Osteoarthritis Inflammation.

Posted by NelleYak

I have been diagnosed with Erosive Osteoarthritis.  I want to know if my observations of inflammation are common with this type arthritis.   I have tested negative for other auto-immune diseases.

 Occasionally,  I have achey, fever-like feelings all over my body.  This  usually occurs when my body is tired from excessive, long-term activity.  Rest helps to relieve the tired, feverish feeling which can last from one day to several weeks.  The symptoms do not occur suddenly, but happen gradually during  prolonged periods of excessive activity.   I have noticed that, after these inflammatory episodes, my arthritic condition is worse than before with more stiffness, more enlargement of my affected joints and less mobility.  After a period of rest, the feverish feelings subside but my condition does not go back to the original point before the inflammatory episode. 

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