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early nicknamed the Assassin face

Posted Feb 03 2013 1:55am
But in this attack, Anderson injured, the first 19 minutes, he was Park Ji-Sung replaced the field. Rooney's hard training, is also a necessary condition. Do not look at Rooney debut in early nicknamed the Assassin face doll (describe his looks crudeness) ", but is actually womens nike air max 1   quite high football IQ. He was born with conditions in general, is only 1.78 meters striker in the TXS. But he said: "My header does better, because the past two years I have been in training to find the feeling of contact with the ball in the air and timing. Once you find the feeling, muscle memory, it will become a kinds of natural action and I am pleased to training received results. "

C Lo's exodus does show Wayne Rooney header skill great help, now is no longer the main task of the Manchester United two wingers the endo extraordinary score, but chubby transport artillery shells. The campaign's two goals, is manufactured Valencia exquisite pass before Fletcher has repeatedly using a long pass to his assists header. Biography effort that both men, enough to get the benefit of any striker, Arsenal fans in the forum only knew straight line running Walcott lament: "even if he had the Valencia half pass in effort ..." Rooney himself well aware of the dedication of his teammates, "before C Luo kicking winger,   nike free run 2 you know he will get a few tricks, and then cut inside shot, but now on the right Valencia, then you must put the toe stand in the six-yard line, because the number of times in his biography is far more C Luo multi-header of course depends on the quality of pass, as long as the ball is in place, always scoring opportunities Valencia two foot pass in the great nike free 5.0   , especially the first one, directly on the top of my head, or into said than done. want to go this season? enjoyed goals, but for the time being, or do not set goals, right. "
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