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Drive rookie theory

Posted Mar 01 2012 9:01am

Yesterday someone in the blog asked me a few people ask about driving: how do you had become masters from rookie?


That's a good question, though I want to make clear is that, I never had a rookie stage, neither have superior stage. In fact, I started to drive it is roughly the level. Now of course open year long, experience a little bit better, the courage a slightly older one, but didn't improve the level of how many.


At first I and all people, are all go to the dribing school starts, because this is not can't get a driver's license? This stage and nothing to dwell on, because I driving on, teaching content is still very vulgar. I remember not in st BingXian overtaking, the problem is later on I found, for me this open the automatic-shift newcomer, the most need to learn exactly is overtaking BingXian ah--like you always have the "right" straight to make their way to the "" expressway on a mouth out" and so on, and the Beijing car is so much.


I am faithful fans keeps off automatically. My motto is: resolute don't buy manual block. Like most, as my man was trying to buy the car manual block, to say he is to harness the manual to block of senior animals. But the proposal was I resolutely oppose off, I firmly: if you buy manual block, I will not drive! I'm driving with trepidation, in order to walking, must be trouble fewer is better!


Even at that time, I want to just go to take an examination of automatic-shift driver's license, but ask just know, st automatic-shift cars rarely, schedule of the special trouble, this just forget about it.

Supra Skytop III

supra skytop ii muska


Bought automatic-shift cars car is to let the novice to say goodbye to the first action--rookie state automatic-shift is a good open ah, the throttle it go, hit the brakes it stop... The playground bumper car drive have no? It is like that.


The second thing is buying all risks. Especially beginners drive. It is too easy for novice scrape ceng tracing cauda, so all risks can remove the trouble back at home.


The third thing is to form get on the car a good habit of wearing a seat belt. The conditions in Beijing now, anyway, everyone open not quick, the measures to ensure the basic rookie driver safety!

Open all risks of automatic-shift, fasten the seat belts, there is not a terrible! In the worst case but is BingXian didn't know what to do. But, no matter how much traffic and the road, how complex, as long as you play well in the early traffic lights inside, there will always be the last man to let a road let you in. And as long as the long enough, even if it is not a good intention, neutral or will have.


What, you're in a hurry? You just drive it best to find enough time, first practice two road again good life. Actually practice it a few times barely.


As for parking into a more simple, but is pulled into a designated location, and not in the high street, big not spend more time.


Novice: don't listen to the road of the fractious old driver. One time I just driving, seedlings dad on the side guide, a local size conditions is not good, I had a bit slow. The male driver behind a big scold: "can't drive?!" Seedlings with I say 1 dad "don't listen to him." And then vice coming from poked his head, back to loudly say: "I can not open, and this is not right to practice it?" The other great anger, and said: "go home to practice!" Seedlings dad back: "there's no place!" Each other gas "immediately, but by this time there is a vacant lot, I left it.


And people are particularly bad, see you is a novice, clearly front porch is very narrow, tell you not to the past. If you be he urged hard on crowded, blow the rub on his GanJi. Once I met a guy like this, he sat in the car, a small neutral. My car can not pass wide, he refused to move the car, not tell I get by, let me hard crowded. And I said, "I'm sorry, the my hand, I really can not pass the tide. You still move out." Later he taken many, I open again in the past, in fact just just just right, only 15 centimeters or so on both sides of the room!


In a word, don't think what rookie, on the new, but there are some skills are not skilled. Now I can't, and can't reverse long such as flow, that also it doesn't matter, I can slowly pour ah. Who will not laugh at me. Even if is the true someone jokes, he laughed at his, I open my, don't also can therefore be revoked my driver's license?

Want to be able to be in the city to get from A to B, find parking finally pulled in, is qualified driver. As for whether open so clouds flowing water, and whether the van taxi driver with stops in the street the breath-taking, I think is not the most important it.


I always feel that many novice is for novice, the main reason is to think too much. Afraid of open is bad, be afraid the somebody else smile, be so timid. Like I said, to carry out safety insurance measures, in the city in ordinary speed, not to rob no hurry, so whether bump people would be hit, the possibility is not.


Or, all the basic skill kind of things is this. For example, cook, let whole family eat too comfortable health coca is qualified family chef. As for the presentation is beautiful, whether the pattern, is senior class category, belong to are interested in studying it. Speak English if yes, to me this is not even six levels of the standard, actually common enough to handle the dialogue will. At least that can do all the English work environment, can now often and seedlings seedlings in the class teacher exchange learning experience problem. As for whether enough rigorous grammar, accent enough tunnel, the vocabulary is enough big, sentence pretty enough, that also is senior class category.


So what's the rookie don't rookie ah, can achieve purpose, problem solving, competent for the job is qualified standard. If be not necessary, or out of interest, with high scores on others why to pressure?


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