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Does Knee Replacement Surgery in India help you to return back to routine activities?

Posted Feb 15 2014 11:05am

Knee Conditions

  Knee Replacement Surgery India

Knee Replacement as the process suggests is undertaken to replace the weight bearing surfaces of the knees. It may be performed on other knee procedures such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis. The surgery has helped millions of individuals to return back to challenging activities such as swimming or golf. In fact it happens to be a routine form of surgery performed on close to 6, 00,000 people a year. Over 90 % of the people who have performed this surgery have experienced an improvement in knee pain and function.


Orthopedic Knee Surgical Procedures


Knee Replacement Surgery in Indiadraws people from all over the globe. Some of the common knee surgical procedures performed are as follows

·        Total knee replacement- it removes all weight bearing damaged cartilage and replaces it with a man made metal. Surgery usually takes 1 to 1.5 hours.

·        Partial knee replacement- is undertaken when only one part of the knee is damaged and requires replacement rather than the entire joint. In fact if two or more parts of the knee are damaged this treatment is not a viable choice


  Role of the Surgeons?


The role of the surgeon has considerable impacts   on the success or the failure of a surgery. The surgeons in India are considered as the best in the business as they have years of experience and have been part of several successful surgeries. They have had their education in the top notch medical institutes of the country and have been part of several international hospitals.


Why Medical Tourism in India?


Medical treatment has come of the age in the country. With rising medical costs in the western countries and huge waiting lists, India has emerged as the frontrunner as far as medical tourism is concerned. In this regard a host of companies have also emerged and the name of one of the companies which comes to the mind in a split second is Tour2India4Health. They have provided a second lease of life to millions of patients and the testimonies of the international patients indicate that they are the best in the business. All one has to do is drop in an email to get in touch with them.



The physician will conduct a general examination before a couple of weeks before the surgery. This examination will assess one’s health and the risk of anesthesia. The results of this examination will be sending across to your surgeon along with the surgical clearance. Shortly before the scheduled date of the surgery one will have an orthopedic examination to review the procedure and any last minute questions which one may tend to have also. One may also need to take several tests like blood, x-ray as well as chest. Provide your surgeon all the details of your health conditions and the medicines you are taking also. So all this proves one fact and that is in the domain of Surgery India knee surgery has a huge role.


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