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Does drinking black cherry juice daily help arthritis?

Posted by donna f

If that helps, how much should be taken a day?

How long should it be taken before it helps the condition?



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I have been taking 4 ounces of black cherry juice every day for three months and have stopped all prescription drugs and even my old mainstay, Alleve. It is wonderful.

During the summer months I ate black cherries liberally and dried some for the winter. Only time will tell how long it will help.

I wish there would be a research project on this cherry juice/arthritis issue because it would be a great alternative to drugs for the painful symptoms that many experience. I read that they knew some of black cherry juice possibilities in the 50s.   

I have been trying to find out more info about the dose.

I have osteo from several malformed vertebrates from birth. I was in a car accident and the condition accelerated.  I was in so much pain and taking all kinds of medicine. Finally, I saw a person talking about black cherry juice on the Today Show and I tried it.

I do not think this treatment is just psychological. I did not take the juice while on vacation and did not take it for several weeks, the pain returned. After a few days on Alleve I got back home to the cherry juice and got immediate relief within a few days.

I found a bottle of concentrate at the pharmacy and will take it with me in case I cannot find pure black cherry juice when I travel.   

Good luck.  Hope this helped.


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