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Do I have Arthritis, MS, Lyme Disease, Lupus?

Posted by poobootig

August of 2008 I started getting a popping noise in my left knee.  Someone told me that it was cartilage issue.  Had MRI and it showed nothing.. around the same time started getting blurry vision.  Eyedoctor couldn't figure out why and gave me anti-inflammatory drops.  March of 2009 I started to get pins and needles sensation in my fingers...realized my joints look like my mom’s; she has arthritis.  Since then the pain has gotten much worse and, as I perceive, too fast.  My blurry vision has come and gone over the last year but it's back now for about 4 weeks.  My knee pain and finger pain has turned into burning stabbing pain... Some days are worse than others.  Could I have Lyme disease, Lupus, MS or just arthritis?  Any advice is appreciated.

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