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Dialogue after 85 students, foreigners is not ideal "cohabitation people"

Posted Feb 21 2012 4:01am

Written in front of words:

And just the return of the study of a friend dialogue, led directly to the birth of the article. Study abroad, is a said so many times topics, like the leftovers overnight-full abdomen to spare, and nutritional deficiencies. But I still from this period of seemingly no nutritional friend KeYa, found about studying abroad is not for multiple people know the silhouette. And wrote this article, more to honor I not can also leave that several years. According to the friend of the first-hand information, I rarely have the choice in the first person as a narrative appellation. Knock at the text this moment, let me if is you.

Study abroad is like a beautiful and lonely travel, you you will taste the worldly wisdom brings a bittersweet sour and sweet, and feel good and love brings you joy and moved. And in the end, whether this journey or long or short, it will draw on a pause. But, whatever its taste is Kennedy, is a bitter, or of mixed emotions, study abroad are each participant a can't forget memories--

After a 85 study in the UK, subversion your students cognition

As a student in the team, my abroad life with predecessors and experience the same DNA. But as a real after 85, and two years of overseas study life let I was surprised to find that, today is no longer the study abroad who study abroad BBS or so-called experts and the shape of the mouth. Since 2009, I flew to England on the plane, to Sheffield university mba course, I find a lot of interesting phenomenon, and these and I had in the cognitive it is domestic vary widely.

Chinese OR foreigners? Together with who?

The purpose of the study is to one of uniting the fluently, so choose roommate, foreigners is the most ideal "cohabitation"! I think every accurate student before going abroad, have been around in this apparent12 numerous experience. The foreigner is the most ideal living together? The fact is that so? After listening to my classmate Lisa experience, your heart will have the answer.

Lisa is a girl from the south of China, in addition to will do a delicious Chinese food, like some beautiful soup pot to protect skin to raise colour. But with live together of British girls, think Lisa use public kitchen too much time, the impact of her life. To this, Lisa has plenty of injustice: every time cooking carefully avoid others can use the kitchen peak time, why can also cause a roommate's complaints?

I believe that the experience of Lisa is not the case. Together with the foreigner, is virtually have a foreign language practice, but cultural differences of the conflicts in daily life the same contact is inevitable. Imagine that when you and your roommate every cold face relatively, you can also like the plan that, nothing with a roommate front teeth to improve their spoken English? Life and live with no certain study BBS posts to write so romantic comfortable, if all day, with all the chores of the cold war and bring quarrel, you are so looking forward to the day of living together with a foreigner? Of course, if you have determined to meet this challenge, the early know what time, believe to be able to you and your roommate harmony have help:

First of all, and China's implicit conduct ourselves in different philosophy, the foreigner thinking sometimes directly lets the person is in distress situation, reflected in the temper may also be more "to the" some. Especially among young people get along, if you do not like the foreigner things, they will often compared to speak out directly. This way of euphemism for habits to express his unpleasant Chinese, it does sometimes feel devastated. Actually, want to understand the cultural characteristics of the foreigner, do sufficient psychological preparation, in the face of their "have the words, they said, they will not be bad mood of harassment for a long time.

Second, the foreign eat mainly cold food is given priority to, the cooking time generally not long. Especially the college students, more like fast food kind of semi-finished products. But Chinese students wont Fried boil blast, use the kitchen of time will be longer. Floating in a foreign country, do a meal home consoles meal homesickness, it is human nature. You can apply to introduce Chinese food foreign roommate of making feature, let them know you use the kitchen of time than they are long and is not intended to take up much public resources.

Also, I agree with you to a foreigner active friendly, but don't think they should buy it for granted. There are still heavily from domestic experience to start, estimates that many foreign students are allowed to hear for Chinese food of love of the foreigner, do some of the characteristics such as Chinese dumplings food to foreigners taste, then contact feelings idea more by many people as a classic tactics. So many students first came here, sometimes do Chinese food to foreign students, in order to achieve understanding. After practice proves that the plan and not so magical legend, the effect is not as good as expected. You may feel the roommate foreigners Chinese food is delicious, thank you for your good pleasure. But in their eyes, a yard to a yard, food and agreed to share you often use the kitchen and no connection. As for the "eat people mouth short, speak and, in their minds can have no this string.

In addition, not all foreigners enjoy Chinese food, you send food maybe he will direct refused, then don't think hit, with reference to the attitude of the traditional Chinese medicine with which they can understand. Many foreigners think TCM is the shaman, leaves and all kinds of weird bugs grassroots how can cure? In that case, everyone laughed off the can. The world is interesting people differ in thousands ways, to create the brilliant civilization. Or, let's why faraway run to the foreign to widen your horizon! Remember, tolerance, bear ability is always deal with cultural differences between the tool.

Tips: suggest psychological ability is not enough tough girl guy, or looking for a honest countrymen live together. Although will reduce the opportunity to speak a foreign language, but first came here, have a like you used to rice cooking roommate, you will feel less lonely days tough. Besides, if intentional improve their language level, no foreigner what absolutely not problem roommate.

Class, who said no Chinese sound?

Class incarnation to invisible, all by death to score high reading outside widespread Chinese students image-they keep, obedient, but never his clear-cut point of view. But, in my study phase, the cognitive was completely overturn.

The university of Sheffield in UK politics ranked third, second only to Cambridge university and the London school of economics (lse), so it not only let the home eyeglasses-reshaping the excellent students, even the European Union, the United States and the elite universities in this together with a. Therefore, when the political topic discussed in class, and the atmosphere will be fierce. But it is on this could be called ace competitors in the environment, in the classroom the Chinese students did not act as invisible, but actively involved in the debate, brave to express his views.

The young people to express the temperament of 0 style at home, because they have their own unique religious culture with China's rise, the chance of politics says China is almost one hundred percent. Have a class, the Japanese students suddenly mention Tibet problem, that Tibet should be regarded as an independent country to look at. At this time, from Beijing Chinese boy Lee stood up. He from the history of Tibet lineage, the social reality and the religious freedom and is now on the policy of ethnic minorities, righteousness is words to contradict the Japanese students "Tibet independence should be" point of view. Although in the expression of the process, Lee English is not fluent, the argument is not, but I believe that every Chinese young people will feel very proud, because this is the new generation of China in the international situation facing the country of national dignity and unyielding respond!

Class, in and human resources management, international cultural exchange and other professional classmates conversation, I found that after the 85 Chinese students more assertive. They don't dare study silently, but a voice in the communication in China!

Tips: go abroad outside, you can really experience of what it means to his motherland, and remember that on behalf of the Chinese is not himself a slogan. Suggested that each must international students in domestic, CARES actively state, the solid study history political knowledge. Only armed yourself insight, perfect knowledge reserves, you can meet the above the things people by reasoning, and in the international stage maintenance motherland and their dignity.

Part-time OR party? Please!

Open some Chinese students blog, their life is very wonderful! All sorts of wonderful party fellowship, have a full shopping activities, busy full schedule of travel...... But I need to remind the tourists, you see is a one-sided study abroad study abroad-not on vacation images, have more foreign students before going abroad has a "washed dishes" plan. They want to reduce the parents or the economic pressure, or want to exercise your ability to survive, or want to further understand the local conditions and customs. But I think, each of the students work need to clear a problem, it is that you want to get from work???????

Part-time job, even if be part-time, will also take up your time, you are able to balance their own learning and work? If your course under a lot of pressure, need a lot of free time to complete the learning process, then work will not be a good choice. After all, parents large sums of money to study abroad investment you, is not to let you specifically designed to brush dishes. As for the party, and I can only say that you can do in Rome as Rome does, but don't think that the more the better.

In fact from 2008 years later, the global economic crisis is aggravating, Britain's unemployment rate was high even innovation, foreign students want to find a part-time job becomes very difficult. According to my observation, to become a volunteer or volunteer is a quite good choice. In studying abroad, I took part in the center of the weekend to volunteer in Sheffield. The center is a church subordinate charity organization, is mainly to the church with people in Sheffield donation to help the homeless, every weekend to offer them lunch with special place for relaxation entertainment and exchange activities.

As an international volunteers, from in water poured coffee, distribution of food, and the homeless chat, to decorate field and follow-up cleaning, I almost participated in each post work. Because the main force of local volunteers is college students and staff with liquidity, so in volunteer period, I came into contact with from Britain, the Netherlands, Russia, Nigeria and other countries peers. We work together to chat, not only increase the knowledge, exercise the English expression ability, and in communication, more deeply understand each other's culture. In addition, I also observe how Britain organization in such activities, compared with domestic, they in flow, what different rules...... These findings and the feeling let each participant feel happy, surprise, has the sense of achievement.

This charity organization, especially the subordinate organizations of the church in England almost every city town. Compared with a part-time job, to be a volunteer more, time also more flexible, in the hope to learn more close to the local society into the more suitable for students. And when you give to the love to the people of, oneself also can feel the happiness and value. This study in a foreign country for the students in the lonely on the building of the mental health and have a positive effect.

Tips: university holidays abroad, time is long, you don't have the heart to leave their home to waste in "the prince and princess life"??? Want to know when you enter the society after, it would be difficult to have big time to experience a "Gap Year," then waiting for? Countless volunteer opportunities in the public organization waiting for you!

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