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Denver Nuggets visit Madison

Posted Feb 02 2013 2:44am
Denver Nuggets visit Madison, into the garbage time Carl also used a bunch of main forces humiliating an opponent.After enraged by nuggets, Nate-Robinson took the lead in his hands, finally sparked a mass Brawl of the two teams.Afterwards, it was revealing, this is because George Karl and Larry Brown are good friends, Nick Brown was hurt was fired and old friends can't see past, deliberately Madison Brown with a massacre in revenge.For the Lakers, and theymens nike air max 90     could not be considered the sworn enemy of Sir, there is no question of retaliation or humiliation of said.The only explanation is that they were lost before, steam cooked pigeon fly.Four-losing streak in Los Angeles who have already lost a bit scared,: at home, a 3.5-minute gap of 16 points, is also concerned that rival reversed.

So today, Nash surrendered their right to the ball, became the designated shooter, Bryant to play the role of Nash, he used his diversionary force, break kept the ball into Howard's hands.Nash plays Fisher's role in the past, constantly in the middle distance at the ball jump shot.Result is the only shot 10 times while Bryantnike air max 95 women's doused, but still hit 14 points to 70%, the most important is, he sent as many as 14 assists, team attack comb in order.Nash benefited Bryant helped its share organizational stress, also cut down by 15 points in the outside line 11 shooting.

If the ball in the hands of Nash, the Lakers must upgrade the speed of space to pass the ball to him, and when the Lakers each time attacking have fallen to half time, the culmination of Nash's role will diminish and become an outside line pitcher.So he will only yield the ball right to Bryant's organization did not expect tactics system instead of smooth, let Howard usher broke out, Gasol on the bench also found a long lost the feel.Also is the sentences, Bryant's performance sustainability?Should the Nash surrendered the ball right?Bryant's own words to answer the first question: "I'm not a three two-player, occasionally playing one or two games, but unable to adhere to for a long time."The second problem, Nash remains the core of tactical system in Dandong, he surrendered the ball right would be tantamount to total rejection Dantoni tactics.
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