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Compulsive Behavior

Posted Feb 10 2010 12:00am
This has not been a bad day even though we have snow five inches high and ice under that. Wind chill is suppose to be below zero tonight and high winds. Nothing yet like what is going on in the East. This morning I was snoozing in late thinking no one in his right mind would be out on the road  and they couldn't get up my hill here at the farm anyway, when the phone rings and a very nice gentleman informed me I had a "RED" power chair at his office just waiting to be delivered. I ask him if he was crazy because I wasn't going anywhere in this weather and second did he have four wheel drive because there was no way he could  get to me. He said directions were in order and if I would give him a little time he would be here with my brand new chair and teach me how to use it.
Now I am sure there are some who think this is a definite case of giving in on my part. I can still walk but I have terrible pain when I do and let me tell you this is nice. The only thing is I must remember to exercise along with this new found comfort.....or all use of legs will be gone. Oh, but my back screams thank you when I sit down in this chair. It supports my bad arm and is controlled by my good arm.  It reclines and has a foot rest...I'm in love .It also breaks down to two pieces for moving easily....all the comforts.
Also while I was snowed in this weekend I rediscovered another lost love....Sewing... and just in time for the . PDF  Quilt Square Project for the Parkinson's Global Congress in Scotland October. They were wanting a seven inch square to represent each committee member in order for the committee to make a panel of our own. I started out and this was what I came up with.  Then the compulsive behavior set in. I had been working on a panel of my own.  I had it done all but the embroidery to finish.  I had some things on my mind this weekend that just would not go away and my hands kicked in. this is what I had and then this is what I ended up with.I still have to put my title back on and then I think I will put it away.  It did serve it's purpose and for that I am grateful.   I worked off some steam and when Monday morning rolled around I had climbed up on that darn "soap box" again but I had mellowed out for another time and another compulsive act.....Oh, don't we love that Pokie

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